White Rose Peony Arrangement, Artificial Faux Centerpiece, Silk Flowers in Glass Vase for Home Decor

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Total height: ~7-8" and Width: ~7"
Vase: 3.5-4"

White Rose Peony Arrangement Artificial Faux Centerpiece Silk Flowers in Glass Vase for Home Decor by Blue Paris Flowers

* Each arrangement contains: 10 peony flowers, 8 small buds and greenery.
* The arrangement contains the finest faux white rose peonies arrangement in a glass vase.
* The flowers feel so lovely, real, and lively.
* All are arranged in a modern glass vase with crystal clear acrylic water.

Faux flower in a vase, floral centerpiece, wedding decor, home decoration, artificial rose peonies, French country style, silk flower arrangement, gift for a friend, or loved one.

- ** PLEASE NOTE: Due to lighting and other factors when photos were taken, products might appear lighter/darker than actual physical products. Every arrangement is custom-made by our artists, and the placement of flowers may vary in the vase and can slightly be different on listing photos.

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