Care Instruction for Faux Flowers

How do I care for my artificial floral arrangement?

- Keep flowers out of sunlight, so colors do not fade and ultraviolet light will discolor resin .

- Dust lightly with a feather duster or use a blow dryer, on the cool or no heat setting, to blow off dust.

- For seasonal arrangements, not on display, cover them in a bag or box to protect from dust accumulation.

What are the benefits of silk flower arrangements vs. fresh flower arrangements?

Instant Beauty - No need to arrange flowers.
Excellent Value - They last for years.
Gift Proof - Everyone loves flowers!
Allergy Free - no pollen or perfumes.
Mess Free - Flowers always look fresh.
Maintenance Free - No care required and no water spills.

Is there any assembly required for artificial flower arrangements?

No. You may have to fluff up your arrangement slightly due to any movement during delivery / shipping, but other than that, your arrangement will arrive ready to display.

Can I put my faux flower arrangements outside?

As these silk flowers are made from fabric, it is best to keep them in a protected environment; however, you may place them in a covered area outside, away from water and direct sunlight.

Are silk flowers and greenery actually made with silk?

The word "silk", when describing faux flowers, does not mean the item is made out of silk. Keeping to industry standards, the word "silk" is now used to describe a flower or plant that is artificially made. It does not mean that the material used to make the flower or plant is silk. Materials used may depend on the quality and the final shape requirements of the flower head or leaves, and may include, but are not limited to: polyester, nylon, PVC, latex, rubber, and silk.

What's the difference between Silk Flowers and Real Touch Flowers?

Real Touch Flowers made of silk with latex coating. The most popular types of these flowers are roses and peonies. Some Real Touch Flowers are made of silicone or solid silicone. It is produced from polyurethane. Usually hydrangeas, orchids calla lilies, tulips, peonies and amaryllises are made of this material. Thicker soft material. Real Touch Flowers are what the industry is leaning towards to because of the wider variety of flowers and colors this quality offers. These flowers are extremely realistic looking and realistic to the eye. The best way to describe them would be a very thin petal that feels like a real velvety, soft touch flower. They can be dyed to any color. These do not have a waxy coating.

Natural Touch Flowers have a thicker petal with more texture and are amazingly realistic to the touch. The color/flower variety is not as wide. They can be dyed but they might also bleed into other colors if dyed, specially in darker colors. Keeping within in the standard available colors is the best choice here. The stems are also amazingly realistic.