Magenta Pink 3 Stems Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement, Real Touch Flower in Glass Vase | Table Centerpiece | Floral Decor Flower Arrangement

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Standing 20-22 inches high, this grand member of the orchid family is sure to make a spectacular impression.

A mix of brightly hued petals graced by many delicate buds adds a simple yet elegant touch.

Perfect for a dining room or living room centerpiece, this attractive Phalaenopsis arrangement is adorned by lush green leaves.

- Handcrafted Faux-Floral Orchid Arrangement in Arizona

- Overall Dimension: 20-22" Height x 22" Width - Vase 8"x8" round glass vase

- Modern and Elegant Tabletop Accent for Home or Office Decoration

- Perfect gift or home decor, a table centerpiece, modern flower arrangement that contains the finest premium flowers.

- It's hard to tell they are not real!

- Handcrafted Faux-Floral Arrangement

- ** PLEASE NOTE: Due to lighting and other factors when photos were taken, products might appear lighter/darker than actual physical products. Every arrangement is custom-made by our artists, and the placement of flowers may vary in the vase and can slightly be different on listing photos.