Premium Real Touch, White Roses, Hydrangeas, Peonies, Artificial Faux Flower Arrangement Centerpiece, French Floral Home Decor Flower, Blue Paris

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White Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas Real Touch Flowers, Peonies, Faux Flower Arrangement, Table Centerpiece, French Country Floral Home Decor, Table Centerpiece

This arrangement is stunningly beautiful and spectacular. It will be stunning in any room you place it.

The flowers feel so lovely, real, and lively.
Arrangement contains the highest quality premium real touch white roses, peonies , hydrangeas in a clear 4" square glass vase.

Perfect for home decor, on a coffee table, dining table, bathroom countertop, office desk, or a perfect forever gift.

Height: ~10"
Width: ~10"

Perfect gift or home decor, a table centerpiece, modern flower arrangement that contains the finest premium flowers.

It's hard to tell they are not real!

Faux flower in a vase, floral centerpiece, wedding decor, home decoration, artificial rose peonies, French country style, silk flower arrangement, gift for a friend,

- Handcrafted Faux-Floral Arrangement

- Overall Dimension: ~10" Height x ~10" Width

- French Country Style Elegant Tabletop Accent for Home or Office Decoration

- ** PLEASE NOTE: Due to lighting and other factors when photos were taken, products might appear lighter/darker than actual physical products. Every arrangement is custom-made by our artists, and the placement of flowers may vary in the vase and can slightly be different on listing photos.

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