Pink Real Touch Rose, Silk Peony Centerpiece Faux Flower Arrangement French Country Arrangement

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Pink Real Touch Rose and Silk Peonies Centerpiece Faux Flower Arrangement | French Country | Arrangement, Silk Floral | Modern Decor Faux Flower Glass Vase French Country, Luxury Realistic Decor

The arrangement contains the finest faux, silk peonies and real touch roses.
Premium quality real touch, large head roses!
Flowers are set in a 4” square glass vase.
These flowers are so realistic and beautiful, makes any room look gorgeous!

Perfect for home decor, on a coffee table, bathroom countertop, office desk, or a perfect forever gift.

Height: 8"
Width: 8"

** PLEASE NOTE: Due to lighting and other factors when photos were taken, products might appear lighter/darker than actual physical products.